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Donna Drury

Physical Therapist/Owner

 I received my Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and my Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from University of Washington.  The majority of my early work history was as a physical therapist  working with patients in neurological rehabilitation both inpatient and outpatient in Bakersfield, CA and Rancho Mirage, CA.  After a break from the profession to raise our family, we relocated back to the Northwest, and I returned to physical therapy.  I continued to lean towards neuro-motor training with an interest in sensory integration for the pediatric population.  Through my experience in teaching movement, I have become  fascinated with the elegance and power that movement has in making changes in the ways our brains function.  My goal and my passion is using movements to help kids and teens reach their maximum potential in school and in life.  I use body awareness, balance and posture training, integration of primitive reflexes, and rhythmic movements as the primary modalities of treatment.  For more than five years, I have provided individual client care for sensory integration and emotional regulation, as well as developing exercise programs and providing professional inservice training.  I enjoy gardening, good coffee, and spending time outdoors with my family and two dogs.

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